Thursday, January 3, 2013

New year, New Title, New Look

I miss writing on my blog.  But the things I want to write about these days don't fit in with the old theme of my blog.  I thought about starting over from scratch but I have two years put into this little blog.  And even though it has been sadly neglected, I want to continue it. 
Instead I will be making many changes to this blog.  Even though we are a family of 6 living on 1 income I don't want that to be the only focus of what I write.  I mean there are only so many ways I can write about living on 1 income. 
My focus is going to remain on my family, and will include how we live on 1 income, but it will focus more on the family as a whole and simply our day to day life.  It may not be exciting, but it is what I know best.  And when you write you should write about what you love and what you know best.  I love my life as a stay at home mom.
So stay tuned for the changes!

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