Friday, January 4, 2013

7 Quick Takes Friday

I read several blogs that participate in 7 Quick Takes Friday hosted by Conversion Diary.  As part of my revamp, I am going to join up this week.

1. We rang in the New Year with the kids.  A neighboring town is celebrating their 250th birthday in 2013 and kicked off the celebration with first night festivities including fireworks.  We spend the evening at with friends and everyone but Wyatt managed to stay awake until 12. 

2.  The tree has been taken down.  Part of me misses the decorations and the season, but part of me is very grateful to have my living room back.

3. After a week and a half of having the entire family home from work and school, we went back to our "normal" schedule on Wednesday.  Maddy was very excited to go back to school.  Jon was happy to go back to work but will miss his afternoon naps I am sure.

4. Wyatt is not officially sitting up on his own.  He loves to be plopped in the middle of the room and surrounded by his toys and siblings.

5.  Speaking of the baby, he is 6 months and I am getting ready to start him on solids.  I want to try baby led weaning and am trying to find more information about it.

6. I felt like Old Mother Hubbard this week.  After weeks of having too much food in the house due to holiday celebrations I opened the pantry to find we are out of snacks and cereal.  The fridge is missing the milk as well.  And there are only a few oranges left in the fruit bowl on the counter.  Looks like a huge stock up at the grocery store this week.

7.  And speaking of food, I feel like my kids are eating non-stop.  Last night after dinner Jon and I gave them a snack before bed.  They ate 4 peanut butter cracker sandwiches each and then between the three of them polished off a clementine and an apple.  This was only 45 minutes after dinner.  And as Jon pointed out it's only going to get worse as they get older, and bigger...

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