Thursday, January 10, 2013

Working to be Healthier

I hate trying to lose weight.  I hate counting calories and all the stuff that goes along with diet plans. 
However, I like trying to stay healthy.  And I'd really like my pre-baby body back.   After four kids the chances of me getting back to pre-kids shape is slim to none. 

But it's not just about being thin.  Or thinner than I am not.  It is more about eating healthier and making time to exercise.  Making those changes will lead to a healthier life.  With that I will also (hopefully) be thinner.   

The problem is that I am really good with excuses.  Like scary really good.  For instance I rarely eat a healthy breakfast.  The reason excuse?  I need to get my kiddos fed, dressed and ready to leave each morning.  So I don't have make time for myself.  I also don't exercise.  Why?  It is too cold.  The baby won't nap so I can' find time to do it in the afternoon.  The baby doesn't sleep through the night and Jon leaves super early so I don't want to/can't get up before he heads out to work.  By the time the kids are in bed it is late and I am tired.

See how good I am? Scary right?  I think so.

I started Weight Watchers in October and I have lost 11 pounds so far.  Not bad, but not great.  I need to do better.  I want to do better.  I can do better.  So far I have changed my eating habits for the better.  I am more aware of what I am eating, how much I am eating and the fact that I really do need to make better food choices.  That has helped me to lose the first 11 pounds.  My goal is the Redbook challenge from last year- to fit back into my wedding dress.  I would like to do this by our anniversary in May.  I am 6 pounds away from the weight I was at when Jon and I wed almost 9 years ago.  But I know things sag a little lot after 4 kids and 9 years of not exercising like I should.  So I have some work to do.

I need to be held accountable for making changes.  Even if they are small changes, I need to make changes.  Weight Watchers currently helps me to be accountable for the food I eat.  This will help me to be accountable for the exercise I do, or do not, do each week.  Even if no one reads this, or comments here, I will have to sit down and write what I did or did not do each week.  Putting it in black and white will hopefully help me to make better choices.  It will also help me to keep a New  Year resolution I made. 

This week I will make one goal.  I am starting small.  But each week I will add another goal to be added to the previous goals/changes. 

Goal #1- do 40 crunches each day.

Remember I said I was starting small. 

So leave me a comment if you are making changes too.  Or leave me a comment telling me to get my butt in gear and lose this weight once and for all!

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