Friday, February 22, 2013

7 Quick Takes Friday volume 6

7 quick takes sm1 7 Quick Takes Friday (vol. 204)
I haven't made much time to write lately, but after winter break this week I am trying to get back into it.  What better (or easier) way to jump back in than with 7 Quick Takes Friday
1. This was vacation week which means EVERYONE was home.  No school for Madeline or Owen and no work for Jon.  It was a full house!
2.  We went to visit Jon's parents this weekend and also got to visit with his sister and her family.  The kids had a great time seeing their cousins who they love.
3.  Jon being home means I get to do something many stay at home moms do not- sleep in!  We took turns sleeping in but even two days of extra sleep was heaven!
4.  The house goes on the market soon so that means lots of work to be done.  What we have done in the work could be my 7 quick takes alone, but let me leave it at Jon did a great job knocking things off of the to do list.
5.  I am making headway on Madeline's birthday plans.  And I sat down and picked dates for the other three birthdays I need to plan in the next 5 months.  I like spring and early summer babies!
6.  We have had Net*flix for a couple of months now after cutting back to super basic cable (one way to make more room in the budget).  I have been spending time watching old seasons of shows I like.  Currently I am watching "How I Met Your Mother" and I am on season 2.  Many seasons to go!
7.  Spring cleaning has begun.  I spent one evening this week sorting through all of the kids' clothes to see what we have and what we need for this summer.  Then I spent another evening listing a bunch of Madeline's clothes on a facebook group I belong too so that I can make money to spend on the clothes that the kids will need this summer.  One of the ways we manage to live on one income is by utilizing hand me downs for the boys, buying second hand clothes as much as possible and selling the clothes we don't wear anymore and using that money to buy the new clothes.
Have a great weekend!

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