Wednesday, February 6, 2013


We are listing our house for sale for the third time.  No we have not moved three times.  Nor have we managed to buy and sell three houses.  We are trying for the third time to sell our house.  Our first house, the only house Jon and I have ever owned.

It's a little depressing that we have tried so many times to sell.  And not just for a few months either.  The house was on the market for 9 months the first time (coming off when Ben was born).  And the second time it was on for a full year (coming off when Wyatt was born). 

My house is not unsellable, at least that is what we have been told be realtors who are experts at this kind of thing.  We list it at the reccomended price.  The house is in decent condition.  The nieghborhood is nice.  There is a nice yard that is fully fenced in.  Lots of people come to see it when it is on the market. 

But no one buys it.  Worse than that, we have had 1 offer.  And that was way below our asking price.  So low we couldn't afford a new house (unless it was one room and was held together by string) if we sold.

I don't know why.  Our realtors don't know why.

I am not looking forward to trying to sell again.  But as we are busting at the seems, and our pone bathroom condition is driving Jon insane, we have little choice. 

I hope that the third time is a charm.

Our plan over the next two days is to go room to room and make a list of things for us Jon to work on during school vacation.  We are doing a HUGE decluttering which will result in many rubbermaid containers being moved and stored in my parent's basement.  The containers will stay there forever  will eventually be moved into our new house and stored in the basement there never to be looked at again unpacked. There are some holes that need to be patched and repainted.  Okay, there are many holes that need to be patched and repainted- hey 6 people in 1100 square feet, accidents happen!  And we need to rearrange some furniture to make it look like no one lives here. 

Our goal is to be on the market by March 1.  Our hope is to have sold and bought a new house and be settled or settling in by the beginning of the next school year.  My fingers and toes are crossed that things work out for us this time.

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