Monday, February 11, 2013

Menu Plan Monday

We survived the blizzard of 2013.  We did not lose power (hurray!) and we did get about 2 feet of snow.  The kids and Jon had a great time playing in the snow most of the weekend.  I like to look at snow, not necessarily go out in it but I did head out once with Wyatt to let him explore the cold stuff.  Mostly I stayed inside and curled up with Divergence that I borrowed from the library for my kindle (I really love the library).  Awesome book!  I am now in line to borrow the second in the series and I really hope it comes in soon.

The downfall to the blizzard was the preschool fair I have been helping to plan was postponed until March due to the snow.  But that just gives us more time to get more people to come  (gotta think positive!)

Menu planning kept me from dealing with the crowds at the grocery store on Thursday and Friday.  I had enough food in the house to get us through until Monday with planned meals, and my freezer and pantry stash could have kept us going for a few days longer with very little needed at the store.  That is when I really love my small stockpile.  Now that we have survived the blizzard we go back to normal life.  So on the menu for the week:

Homemade raisin bread (bread machine style)
oatmeal with brown sugar and cinnamon

peanut butter and fluff
ham and cheese
chicken nuggets
macaroni and cheese


Monday: English muffin pizzas and baby carrots

Tuesday- the kids are eating tortellinis.  Jon and I are headed out to celebrate my birthday a few days late and Valentines a few days early.  We like to multi-task our date nights like that.

Wednesday- leftovers.

Thursday- Chicken Parm with green beans

Friday- Quesadillas and baby carrots

Saturday- American Chop Suey in the crockpot

Sunday- visiting with Jon's family

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