Friday, March 1, 2013

7 Quick Takes Friday volume 7

7 quick takes sm1 7 Quick Takes Friday (vol. 204)
One more week until Madeline's birthday party! She and I are going shopping this weekend to get the party supplies.  Lots of pink and purple items to be purchased!
I really, really, really wish Wyatt would be more consistent with his sleep at night.  I am in no rush for him to outgrow the baby stage.  I love this age so much.  But never knowing when he will wake, or how many times at night,  it's getting a little weary.  I'm fine with getting up, I just do better on a schedule.
We've been busy cleaning and shoveling out items this week.  A large donation pile went today.  Many boxes were moved to my parents' basement to make the house appear bigger.  It's 1100 square feet with 6 people, there is only so much room for all of our stuff.  Next week the realtor comes and our house will officially be for sale.  Again.
Selling a house is almost enough to make me become a minimalist.  Almost.
Trying to find a house that is in our budget is not as easy as I would like.  But we have outgrown our "starter" home.  We originally planned to be hear 3-5 years.  The house was bought in 2004.  See how well those plans went?  The perfect house is out there for us.  I just need to find it.
Jon is working on his license and will be done in June.  Next year this time he will be working on his Master's degree.  I am so happy for him!
Jon was able to pick Madeline up 4 days this week.  That was 4 days I did not need to wake anyone up from nap.  Pure bliss.  I love that man!
Speaking of naps, I am having napping issues in this house. We have three bedrooms and three kids who nap.  Seems easy right?  But Madeline has a bedroom to herself.  Ben or Wyatt naps in my room.  The other naps in the boys room.  That is where the crib, bed and pack and play are .  So where do I put Owen?  Right now he is in Madeline's room but that only works if he leaves her stuff alone.  I can't put Ben down in her room, that would equal chaos.  Wyatt no longer naps in the swing which was my old solution.  I need to figure this one out soon!  Nap time is precious around here.
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