Monday, March 4, 2013

Menu Plan Monday

This weekend I was shopping at Target when I lost my phone.  Now my phone is five years old and is not smart or anything like that.  But it is a cell phone and it works, and when you make choices in order to live on 1 income those are the only facts that matter.  So I was shopping and took the phone out to call Jon to find out what lightbulbs he wanted.  30 minutes later at checkout I couldn't find it.  I toured the store three times looking every aisle we had been to (and that was a lot of aisles) and I could not find it.  I left after leaving my name and number at the return desk in case someone found it.  Four hours later my caller ID at home showed that I was calling!  I am so incredibly grateful to the woman who found my phone, called the "home" number and then left the phone at the return desk for me.  I will be going out to Target this evening to get it back.  And I am thankful that I don't need to find room in my budget for a new phone!

Jon did the grocery shopping this weekend in order to help me out with the stuff that needed to get done.  Usually he deviates from the list quite a bit, but after some recent conversations about me possibly getting a job as a waitress (something I have done in the past) and him not wanting me to, he only deviated once and that was for candy for our date night in.  Less than $5 for our date night thanks to Red*box and the grocery store movie theater candy!

This week's menu:

Pancakes (batch cooked and frozen for quick breakfasts)
Hard boiled eggs
*all served with fruit, usually bananas

Hot dogs
Peanut butter and jelly
Pepperoni and cheese (Owen's staple for school since he cannot take his beloved pb&j)
Macaroni and cheese
Chicken and avocado salad (that's for me, I don't know if the kids will eat it)
*all served with apple sauce, fruit or baby carrots

Monday- Grilled cheese (cooked on the griddle which makes it take far less time) and baby carrots
Tuesday- Chicken (it never got cooked last week because I forgot to defrost it in time-oops!), rice and mixed vegetables
Wednesday- Brinner
Thursday- dinner out for Jon's mom's birthday
Friday- Pizza braid (I may try a buffalo chicken version with the leftover chicken meat)
Saturday- Meatball grinders
Sunday-Chili and cornbread

For more menu ideas visit I'm an Organizing Junkie.  Have a great week!

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