Tuesday, June 3, 2014

What's Growing in the Garden Week 1

So the garden is in.  We skipped planting a garden last year since planting season was right during our move.  And then with unpacking and getting settled, starting a  garden (even late) was the last thing on my mind.

But this year we are starting one again.  I've tried and failed through the years of my marriage to have a successful garden.  I have plenty of excuses as to why it was never a huge success but it all boils down to me not putting enough time into weeding.  I loathe weeding the garden.  So I put it off until t is so weedy I can barely find my vegetables.  Every. Year.

I want this year to be different.  We planted 12 tomato plants, which is double what we have planted in the past.  I want to make my own pasta sauce at the end of the summer and I need plenty of tomatoes to do this.  We also planted 6 pepper plants.  I have four rows of carrots(never been a success but I keep trying), two pumpkin plants, three squash and two cucumber plants.  There are a few lettuce plants in there and I planted a few rows of beans and peas too.  For the first year I am trying eggplant.  Aside from the peppers and tomatoes we are growing everything else from seed.  So I am not sure how many plants will make it but I am hopeful that they will grow.

I am going to post picture of my garden as it grows.  Hopefully knowing that someone (besides my neighbors) may see how awful it looks when I forget to weed will motivate me to weed more often.  This week I am not taking pictures because it is a square of dirt.  Nothing fun to look at there.

If everything grows we will have plenty of fresh veggies later in the summer as well as some left over to can or freeze.

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