Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Not How I Expected My Afternoon To Go

Today I woke up feeling a little cranky when my kids put me through the normal chaos of the morning.  And when Ben threw a fit it was harder.  Things settled down and we made it through our morning and has some fun.

This afternoon I was just tired.  Normal tired, not bad but not good.  But I wasn't really thinking about all that I had to be thankful for.

Then I got a phone call that made me realize how much I really do have.

Jon had taken Wyatt and gone off to pick up Madeline and Owen.  His plan a was a normal Tuesday plan- take Madeline to gymnastics where he, Wyatt and Owen would hang out.  I was at home with Ben. We were playing go fish.  I heard fire truck sirens but we live directly behind the fire station so that isn't unusual.

Jon hadn't been gone 20 minutes when my phone rang. It was Jon.  Now let me start with Jon doesn't call very often, he texts frequently but if he is out he doesn't call often.  So I was on edge as soon as I saw the caller id.
The first words out of his mouth were "The kids are okay." 

Deep breath. 

I responded with "Are you okay?"

Jon is fine. 

Another deep breath. 

"The car isn't."

And I was reminded that the things in my life are not important.  The issues that I deal with on a daily basis are not big deals either. 

My husband.  My kids.  They are what matters. They are what make my life meaningful. 

The car accident today is an issue.  Getting the van fixed is going to take time and effort.  It may take money (hopefully the insurance will take care of it all).  But while it will be hard to be without our van for a couple of weeks it is just a thing.  It is easily fixed.  Parts can be replaced. 

My kids are fine.  Jon is fine.  They are a little sore, but overall they seem to be okay.  That is what matters.

And I am thankful for the (not so) gentle reminder. 

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