Friday, July 4, 2014

7 Quick Takes Volume 14

Apparently summer is not the best time to begin writing here again.  With the kids out of school and Jon down to working very part time for the next few months I am spending a lot of time on the go.  I love most aspects of summer- having the kids home during the day (which is no longer a just summer thing), having Jon working part time at summer school, the laziness, the ability to have the kids outside all of the time- it's all great.

The one thing I could do without?  How amazingly hot and humid it has been.  The truth is I love weather in the 70s without humidity. Once you get past 80 and add in humidity (which happens quite often here) I start to dislike it.  So on those days we either spend time in the water at the local spray parks or inside at the library or a local museum.  This is the first summer in forever (okay really 9 years) that I am not either pregnant or nursing a child during this weather.  Hopefully that will make getting through the gross days a little easier.  It doesn't seem the phase the kids or Jon much at all so I am trying to grin and bear it, while whining here, and run inside into the a/c whenever I can.

This week's quick takes are 7 of the reasons I have not had time to write this week:

1.  Homeschooling supplies are starting to roll in.  I've been spending time in Ebay trying to find good deals on curriculum items and have managed to save about $50 total so far.  I've also bitten the bullet and ordered a few of the items that I will have to have brand new.  This week I hope to finish ordering the curriculum supplies so I can start planning.

2.  Six Flags.  We have season passes and already spent a morning there this week. Tuesday mornings are great times to be at the park since the lines are basically non-existent.  At least for the kids rides.  We plan to venture to the water park for a day this coming week if there is time.

3. Swimming. This past week a fellow homeschooling mama invited my family to join her family at a local pond where they have a membership to the beach access.  We spent several hours swimming one morning this week.  My kids had a great time.  And I got to talk to someone who has been homeschooling for a few years.  Everyone was happy.

4. Work.  I may only work part time but it doesn't end for the summer.  I am still getting about 15 hours a week at night.  Working opposite Jon saves us money and in the summer it doesn't take as much time away from our family.  It is still something to be planned around and does eat into some of our evenings. 

5. Car shopping.  We found a minivan that meets our needs, most of our wants, and most importantly our budget.  We did not have a loan on the previous minivan and we wanted to keep it that way.  Since this accident was unexpected (as the usually are) we didn't have time to save up for a new van like we do when a large purchase is necessary.  With insurance money coming in we spend time searching for a  van that met all the requirements (similar mileage, similar year, close to the insurance settlement, AWD) and found one 80 miles away.  We pick it up this coming week.

6.  Chuck E Cheese.  Not my most favorite place to go but it was Ben's request.  Ben's birthday was last month and he opted out of a friend party.  In place we gave him a choice of a family fun time at a few places and he chose Chuck E Cheese.  We went, played and ate dinner and all four kids were very happy.  And since it was a Tuesday night the place was very quiet so I came home sans headache.

7. Fireworks.  There are many days and many options for fireworks around the 4th of July.  The town I grew up in hosts them on the 3rd and a good friend's family hosts a party since they have a perfect view from their backyard.  We attend every year and this year was no different, even if it rained.  They actually shot the fireworks off early and in the rain which was unexpected.  But everyone had a great time and we just dried the kids off and changed them into their pajamas once it was all over.  A little rain never hurt anyone!

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Happy 4th of July!

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