Friday, June 27, 2014

7 Quick Takes Voume 13

I missed an entire week of blogging.  I just have not made the time to sit down and write/type any of my thoughts or happenings around here.  To be honest I've been feeling very overwhelmed by life in general these past few weeks.  I am hoping that now that summer vacation has started for the kids (FINALLY) things will simmer down a little and I can slow down a little. 

1. Last weekend the kids and I sat down and made our summer bucket list.  Well, Madeline and I did.  Owen and Ben sat in the other room playing and randomly would shout an idea at us.  Wyatt is still not really speaking (and that will be a whole post when he has his two year check up I am sure) so he didn't really say anything other than "Ease"  (which is his way of saying please) when he wanted to do the same thing as Madeline.  There are many ideas on it and we are all excited to be able to start checking them off now!

2. I ordered one of my curriculum needs off of Ebay which I rediscovered this past week while I was looking to pay less money for the books I will need for the upcoming school year.  I managed to nab two teacher books for WriteShop for less than one teacher book would cost new.  I am currently watching a few other items and hoping to save some money on them as well.

3. I am not a fan of summer weather.  Long lazy days, those I love.  I don't really mind the heat most days.  The humidity kills me.  And my hair, but that is a vanity thing.  I feel smothered when it is humid and hot outside.  So right now I am sitting right next to my air conditioner feeling mighty happy about life.

4.  We are STILL car shopping. It's been almost a month since the accident but with some back and forth with the insurance company we have no final amount yet and are not sure what vehicle we will be purchasing.  This weekend we are spending time looking at a few vans that meet our needs and hopefully will not take a huge dent out of our savings.

5.  We are moving ahead with plans to finish the upstairs and getting another quote for the cost.  We have a three bedroom house for six people. For now it works, but long term it will get difficult as all three boys would need to share a small bedroom.  We have a walk up attic and we are hoping to dormer the back and add on at least one large bedroom for now.  In the future we may convert the space to two bedrooms, but we are pacing ourselves.

6.  We haven't told the kids we are homeschooling them yet.  I will be honest and say I am worried that Madeline will be sad when we tell her.  It's given me a few bad moments but at the same time it doesn't change my basic reasons for pulling them out of public schools.  So while I hate to make my children sad I also know it is part of life sometimes.  We were waiting for the school year to be over and now it is so I just need to bite the bullet and tell them.

7.  Its strawberry season!!  I love fresh picked strawberries.  And so does the rest of my family.  In the past two weeks we've gone and picked the berries twice for a total of 15 pounds of strawberries.  We've eaten every single one.  I think that means more picking this weekend before the season ends.  But when it's over I get to look forward to blueberry picking season so it's all okay.

My quick takes are random this week but that's how my life feels lately so it fits! 
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