Friday, July 11, 2014

7 Quick Takes Volume 15

This week I am linking up with Conversion Diary to share seven more things we've been up to this summer:

1.  My youngest turned 2 on Tuesday.  This was a bittersweet birthday for me because he is no longer a baby, even if he is the baby of the family.  And it's weird since in the past I've always been hugely pregnant when celebrating a second birthday.  Wyatt had a great day.  We celebrated just the six of us on the 9th due to acquiring our van on Tuesday.  But we had fish sticks and French fries which is a meal Wyatt loves and then fire truck cookies for dessert.  He is such a happy, busy little boy.
Just hanging out under my desk moving things around.  Truthfully he is probably moving the box to climb on it to get at something on my desk.

2.  This week was Jon's first week of summer school, 1 down 3 more to go.  While he would prefer not to work at all during the summer he does admit that as far as jobs go this is an easy one.  He teaches one class a day and is home by 9:45.  The pay is good an since this is his second summer teaching the same class the prep work for work is low.  He's happy with it and we love having him home more.

3. We have our new van!  I am so happy and so relieved to have my own van again.  No more rentals.  No more worrying about everything the kids touch in the van.  Just our own van. It's not brand new, but new to us is what we like.

4.  We are spending the morning at another spray park today.  It's going to be hot but not humid so a good day to enjoy being outside.  We're meeting a few friends there so the kids should enjoy their morning.

5.  I am slowly getting through ordering my curriculum for the school year.  Part of math arrived this week (a score on Ebay that saved us money) and the rest will come in next week.  Handwriting is on its way. Reading and spelling will be ordered soon.  I keep hoping to find some of the reading curriculum used because it is so darn expensive but not a lot of luck so far.  I feel like I have so much time but in reality if I want to start school part time after our Maine vacation I really have about a month to get everything and get it organized.

6.  I had my first stay-at-home-all-day day since school ended.  Wednesday was honestly the first time in almost two weeks where there was no reason I had to leave the house. Bliss. I need more of these.

7.  This weekend we are doing family pictures.  I am splurging and having them done by the same woman who did our family pictures three years ago when Ben was 1.  Its time for some new photos and I love how they came out last time.  I spent time figuring out what we are wearing and hopefully they will look nice.  They will be done at a local park as I prefer outdoor pictures over studio set ones.  I am excited because Jon and I decided we also want to try and get a nice photo of the two of us.  The plan is to have that done last and bribe the kids with lollipops to sit still while we have it done.  Hopefully it works!

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Nicole said...

Getting curriculum together is so much fun! But it would be more fun if it weren't so expensive, oh my goodness. Some of it is crazy!