Friday, August 22, 2014

7 Quick Takes volume 17

Another title for this post would be "where did summer go?"  How is it the end of August already?  Labor day weekend, which for the past few years has marked the beginning of the school year, is only a week away.  Jon is on his last week of summer break.  We are busy signing the kids up for fall activities (also known as "How will Melinda divide herself into three people?").  And we started our first year of homeschooling this past Monday!

So how did we spend our summer?

 1.  Making s'mores.  Because summer just isn't complete without them!

 2. Packing for our annual trip to Maine.  That is just clothing for the kids.  Not to mention my clothes, Jon's clothes, towels, and other assorted necessities for a week away with four kids and a dog. 

 3. Traveling at night. It's the quietest way to go!

 4.  Hanging out by the water.  "This is the life!" was hear by this guy.  His dad agrees.  Mom prefers locations with access to washers and dryers. 

5.  Fishing.

6.  Playing on the rocks in the water. 

 7.  Lots of swimming!

 And I know it's 7 quick takes, but here is #8.  We saw the Wiener Mobile parking in a near bye grocery store parking lot.  We were running errands but had to take the time to jump out and take a photo.  It's not everyday you see the Wiener Mobile out and about! 
I have no idea what is with the model pose Madeline is striking there!

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