Saturday, April 25, 2009

And I want three?

Today (and the past two days) have not been fun. It started with little rugrat having diarehea and then developing a fever. Nothing major, but it has made him one cranky and clingy little guy. The poor thing just wants to be with mama. All. Day.
Then as he is starting to get better (fever gone) big rugrat starts throwing up in our backyard. Well, at least it was outside. So between little rugrat needing diaper changes and big rugrat throwing up last night was not a restful one in our house.
Lately Jon and I have begun talking about having a third rugrat. Some think we are insane. On days like today I think we are insane. I love my kids. I want one more. But on days like today I wonder if I can really handle the two I have, much less add another one.
I guess we should save those discussions for days where I do not start off at 6:30 cleaning up puke, and then at 7:30 proceed to give little rugrat a bath becuase of a diaper explosion. By the time Jon got up at 9 I had both rugrats down for their naps.
It will get better.
It will get better.

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