Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Unplugged Project-Yellow

Two weeks in a row we have done an unplugged project. I am proud of me!
Today we did a scavenger hunt and looked through the house for all things yellow. Big rugrat knows her colors, but sometimes gives up quickly if she doesn't see what she is looking for right away.
We took a bag (yellow of course!) and went through the house looking for toys, books, clothes, anything yellow. We spent about 10 minutes looking for things before she got bored of the game. I had wanted to then sit down and sort the objects (by size and type) as well as count them and maybe do a little math but bug rugrat had other ideas. Her ideas included playing Candyland.
Maybe tomorrow =)

1 comment:

Michie said...

Well, there are yellow spaces on Candyland too. :)