Thursday, April 23, 2009

The bathroom is done...well almost

The bathroom is done. At least we can shower in it again as of tomorrow morning WITHOUT plastic covering the walls.
Thank goodness.
I love that my husband can do these type of projects himself. I really do. He works hard and gets it done and for much less than it would cost to pay someone else (which I why we can do home improvement projects). However, it usually takes longer. This started out as a 2 day project. Which is good since we do not have a second bathroom. Then it became a three day project. And then a four day. Technically it is not DONE done since we still need to sand and paint, but I can live with unpainted walls.
I cannot live without a shower. And most people would prefer that I do not.
One of the problems was that even though husband is on vacation this week, I am not because college and middle school vacations are not the same. So while I was at work husband planned to get work done while the kids napped.
Go ahead and laugh. I know I did.
Now this was after I took the kids out of the house for the entire morning on Monday just to give him time to get things started. What does he do? He cleans and puts laundry away. I appreciate the effort, but really what needed to be done was to gut the shower. Especially since we then found out that the tile was to dark. That was set back #1.
Then Tuesday while I was at work he was going to do more work. Little rugrat did not follow through on the nap plan and wanted daddy to cuddle with him. That was setback #2 which kept husband up until midnight playing catchup.
On Wednesday I again took the kids out of the house (to bathe at my parents who have TWO working bathrooms as well as get myself in the shower so my students would not object to sitting near me) and husband ran into issues with his drill. As in it kept overheating. Then while I was at work that afternoon his drill bit the dust. Before he finished drilling holes. He culdn't leave the house to buy a new one (another cost we hadn't factored in) because he cannot put the kids in his truck and I cannot drive his truck (stick shift) and had the jeep at work. Luckily my dad was able to drop HIS drill off (brave man) but again husband lost out on nap time work and had to wait until I got home when he then proceeded to run out to the store AGAIN. He was up until 1 this morning grouting the shower.
Today was wait day. As in wait for it to dry. Tonight he caulked the shower.
And tomorrow I can SHOWER at home!!!

And we will not be doing any home projects for at least a few months while I settle from this one. I do NOT do well with my house in chaos. Which even the tiniest project seems to do.

But the end result is BEAUTIFUL new shower walls and a very proud and exhuasted husband.

Oh yes, husband looks at me today and says "I told you my sister and her family are coming for dinner tomorrow night on there way home right?" Uh no you did NOT tell me that! Good thing he mentioned it since I do not have enough of anything in the house to feed an additional five people. At least I have a working bathroom no longer filled with dangerous tools and breakable tiles.

Next up is new carpets. We will be having them professionally installed.

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