Monday, April 20, 2009

Home Projects

We are redoing our shower walls.
They need it.
Husband is on vacation from school this week so it is the perfect time. This weekend we went to Home Depot and after much debating agreed on a tile. WE purchased said tile and brought it home. today afer the old walls have been demolished I hear a voice from the bathroom saying "I am afraid these are too dark." And they are. So now after the kids get up we go back to the store and return the old tiles and buy new tiles. The problem? Well, it took us quite a while to pick out this set of tiles (we have strong opinions on colors and they are very different opinions). Now we have no shower walls and we NEED to pick out tiles TODAY.
This will be an interesting trip.

Thankfully husband is good at thhis home repair stuff. We couldn't do half of what we have done to this house if he wasn't. Well we could, it just would have cost a whole lot more.

Cross your fingers that we find something. The old walls were in pretty bad shape, but they were better then the nothing that is left!

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