Monday, April 20, 2009

Unplugged Project-Science

So this has nothing to do with living on 1 income, but I have been wanting to follow the unplugged projects since I found the site about a month ago, but I haven't yet. Well this week we did without meaning too!
Last week big rugrat and I started our garden inside. We planted green beans, tomatos, peppers, cucumbers, canteloupe, morning glories and impatients. I bought an indoor greenhouse setup that was prefilled with soil. Big rugrat and I put seeds into each container and she helped me mark the rows and then water the seeds. She put a lot of seeds in each container. I will be thinning them a lot, but at least this way we have a greater chance of getting some seedlings. And then we wait.
And wait.
Now at a week we already can see our beans and cucumbers are just beginning to poke through.

We also planted a few bean seeds in a plastic bag which I had fillled with a damp paper towel. I taped it in the window and now big rugrat can see when the roots begin. They started growing yesterday. I did this with my first graders (pre-sahm days) with pumpkin seeds and they loved watching their plants grow. Big rugrat is MUCH more interested in the seeds in the soil, but is getting very impatient waiting for them to grow. When I showed her the seeds in the baggie she wanted to take them out and play with them.

When the plants are bigger and the weather is good we will transplant them into our garden. In the five years we have lived here I have tried several different methods and places for my garden. This year we are trying a new spot with plenty of light, but it is on a hill so husband will be building a large (think sandbox sized) box and filling it with soil before we move the plants outside. The impatients are for my flower boxes and the morning glories are for my mailbox and lamp post. Big rugrat is mostly excited about the flowers.

Sorry for no pictures, we have dial up and I just don't have the patience to load the pictures on here!


MoziEsmé said...

What fun! I just planted seeds with my 2yo girl today - I'm hoping they start to grow soon...

Michie said...

My rugrat is four, and has a hard time waiting for things to grow too. We planted some rosemary, but haven't had great results - of course, I discovered her pulling some of the seedlings out and then shoving them back in the dirt, so that could have something to do with it! LOL
I've also tried the beans and the paper towels with my class, but it didn't work. I wonder what I did wrong?