Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Long time

So over the past few weeks three of the four people in my household, and the dog, have had some type of stomach virus. Lovely. It started with bug rugrat last Tuesday. Then husband got it this weekend (4 days after, just when I thought we were in the clear) and they yours truly woke up halfway through the night with it. Luckily my loving husband was able to take the day off of work (family sick time) and dealt with the kids while I suffered in the bedroom. 15 hours later I am finally able to eat again (rice crispies and soda).
Now I am crossing my fingers that little rugrat does not get it. He is only 10 months and something about a 10 month old throwing up does not appeal. At least big rugrat was able to tell us when she was awake that she needed her bucket.

We got some of our tax returns and bulked up the good old savings account. That always makes me feel good. Groceries were a little over budget this week but I had to buy diapers and breast milk freezer bags (love buying those when little rugrat will probably only nurse for a few more months) which I don't include in my normal grocery budget. I also made my credit card bill quite large, but husband and I are going away for a weekend in June. First time away since little rugrat was born, I need the next few months to adjust to that. But it will be a nice short weekend on the Cape for a friend's wedding. I feel guilty, but I am soooooooooooo looking forward to it.

I am going to start looking for Easter basket fillings tomorrow. I am planning on keeping the cost as far under $20 as I can. I try not to buy the kids too much candy (well, none for little kiddo) so in order to have a basket things cost a little more. Big rugrat will be getting a fish. At three I think this is the ONE pet she can handle. Both rugrats will be getting pails and shovels to use as their baskets. Now they will each have their own for the summer. I don't want to buy actual baskets until I have finished having kids. Corny I know, but I want them all to have matching baskets. For now we stick to pails for the sandbox and beach. Husband will be getting some candy. I am also thinking about getting him the Twilight DVD. He has read all the books in the series and really liked them. I am torn between getting him the DVD or getting him a blockbuster card to rent it.

Tomorrow we are off to storytime (love the library) and them big rugrat has music with Nana. She loves her time with Nana and I love that she gets to do something we would otherwise be able to afford. We are looking into swimming lessons to help with the overabundance of energy the child seems to have, but music is really out of our budget. Friday I am off to a reading confernece. I am excited about this, have not been to one since I was in college. AND my work is paying for it. How great can you get? Saturday our local zoo opens and we have a season pass so I think we will take the kids one day this weekend. They love the animals and if the weather is nice we can have a picnic lunch as well.
So this week is a low key week pricewise, but we are doing a lot.


Michie said...

I just noticed you said you were going to the Cape and realized you must be from MA - so am I. Whereabouts are you? We sound a lot alike. My daughter is in dance to help with her overabundant energy. :)

mindy2780 said...

We live in Western MA in the Sprinfield area. I have always lived in this area and Jon moved out here from Eastern MA when we got married.