Sunday, May 17, 2009

Garden Update

Okay, this should have been posted a few days ago but the garden is almost in. My seedlings are doing well and so far it is looking like the entire garden will consist of plants big rugrat and I started from seeds. In the past things always started this way, but never ended this way.
So far we have eight tomato plants in, eight bean plants, six cantoloupe plants and two cucumbers. The peppers are not ready to be planted yet, but they are coming along. I will be thinning the tomato plants down to four since we always end up with an overabundance of tomatos. The cantaloups I have never tried before, but they have started out okay.
Big rugrat helped me to put the plants into holes that we dug together. She is also VERY helpful with watering the plants.
With any luck most of our salads will come from our own garden this summer. That will even make them organic. How great is that? To top it off the garden only cost about $30, including the seeds and dirt and fencing. Not too bad.

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