Sunday, May 17, 2009

Want to freak out?

I worry. Every mom does. I worry about what my kids eat, that they might get hurt, about their vaccinations. Maybe I worry more than the average mom, maybe I worry less.
Now I worry about everything from soap to shampoo to lotion to sunscreen that I put on their little bodies. I recently found this website called skin deep where you can learn about the chemicals in all cosmetic things. I can't even understand half of the ingredients, but when they start talking about cancer causing and neurotoxicity I know enough to read a little more.
Now I wonder do I throw out all my cosmetic items, becuase they are ALL on the list, and start over. Or do I figure that I have been using some of these things for over half my life and I seem pretty normal, as do my friends who also use these products.
I feel like everytime I turn around I am learning something awful about something I use, whether it is cleaning products (already started getting away from the chemical stuff there) or cosmetics or toys that my kids play with.
I really don't want to be nuerotic, and I don't want to under worry. But where do I draw the line?

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