Friday, May 1, 2009

One Task Completed

What cards you ask? Why the letter sounds cards I have been planning for over a month now. I was cleaning out my cupboards this weekend and found a pack of 4x6 index cards that are perfect for the cards I wanted to make. Now I had no excuse. I had a bag full of pictures I have been cutting for awhile and the cards and the glue. So I sat and glued and glued. And the I glued some more. I made almost 100 cards this week. It was a slow week at work so I took the opportunity of not having kids around and did quite a bit there.
Then I sorted by letter sound. I have more sounds that I originally thought. However I am missing Q,X,Y and Z completely. But the rest of the alphabet is coming along great.
How will I use these cards? Many, many ways. First to help teach beginning sounds. Also to teache vocabulary (big rugrat may be unfamiliar with some pictures I ahve chosen). Later on we can sort them in different ways and even play letter sound memory with them.
I have a recipe box that I will be keeping them in.
Next on my list is to order sandpaper letters. I have found some at different places and they vary in price. I am not decided on which ones to order yet.

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