Friday, May 1, 2009


I sat down and wrote a long post last night, and they blogger wasn't able to publish it. I hate when that happens.
So the gist of it is that Jon and I have decided not to enroll big rugrat in preschool in the fall even though she is three. I think if we were to send her she would learn and probably enjoy it, but that the first month or so would involve horrible mornings filled with tears. Maybe I am wrong, but that is how life goes with my kid most of the time.
Anyway, that is NOT why I am keeping her out. I feel that she will be in school for enough years and that she does not need the additional year now. I also feel like I can teach her the academic skills that she would learn in school while keeping her at home. THe main reason for school at this age, in my mind, is to teach socialization skills as well as how to act in school (becuase really that is a whole different set of rules from most of life). The socialization I think she gets from playgroups, storytime, music class, swimming lessons and gymnastics. I also feel like she learns about waiting her turn, sitting quietly when the teacher (or leader) is talking and doing certain activities at specific times (not just when she feels like it).
The problem? Literally EVERY mom of a three year old that I know is sending their kid to school in the fall. Am I missing something? I do not feel the need to raise my child the way EVERYONE else is raising theirs. However, I do feel akward to be the only mom in my MOMS Club with a three year old not in school.
I thought I had adjusted when yet another mom of a three year old asked for reccomendations from my MOMS Club. It hit me again just how many kids will be in school.
So my ideas? One is to find a playgroup where there are three year olds who are not in school. Another is to shut up and suck it up =)
Jon and I have talked about this a lot. He feels that she would do fine in school (and I agree) but at the same time he won't be the one watching her scream and cry (as she is prone to do when I elave her in new places) for as many mornings as it lasts. If she was four I would push it. Because I do feel that at four she will need school, if for no other reason than to prepare her for kindergarten when she will go five full days (that is all that is offered in our town).
I am planning to homeschool her in the fall. We will do letters, numbers, writing and reading. I will do themes that include science and social studies as well as arts and crafts and music. We will even do "field trips" when they fit in as well as when they don't. But most importantly (at least to me) is that she will have one more year of childhood that is not structured around school schedules.
I will still question my decision a lot. I know it. I will probably drive Jon crazy,
Who knew preschool decisions could be so hard?

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