Friday, May 8, 2009

Things to do

It has had been a rainy week. It rained three and a half of the five days. Plus they predicted rain for one other so I planned no outdoor activities only to realize it wasn't going to rain (the sky looked really awful so I believed the tv, silly me!). The kids go a little bonkers when we are inside almost every day. So what do we do?
Rice box- one of the best things I have put together. I read about someone who made a traveling sandbox with a rubbermaid conatianer and sand. She brings it with them so the kids have something to play in at grandmas. I thought sand is messy for inside, but rice is easy to clean up. I put it together for the winter and my daughter loves the thing. I bought a cheap shower liner to put underneath and that helps contain spills.
Coloring- crayons, markers, a few coloring books and big rugrat is happy for about 20 minutes
Play doh
Library visits
TV (and no guilt there either)
Tea parties
Making forts
Making mother's day gifts

Luckily we also had a few indoor playgroups this week as well. But when the sun came out on Wednesday I was soooooooo excited that I did not care that my backyard is a mud pit. The kids went out and played and played and played.

Luckily the sun is supposed to reappear soon. I am about out of things to do inside!

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