Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Alphabet books for homeschooling

I am in the process of slowly building up my homeschool supplies for the fall. I am not buying a curriculum, instead I am creating one of my own based on a few that I have found at ABC Jesus Loves Me, Mastery Skills for 3 year olds and Letter of the Week Preparatory Curriculum. Between these three websites I have found a wealth of information. I have begun planning the yera's curriculum and have most of it outlined as well as the first few weeks lessons planned. I know this sounds insane to some, I mean I won't start until August. But Jon has a few weeks off this summer plus he is only working part time. For these reasons I don't want to start homeschooling since he will be around and we will ahve chances for a lot of fun. I plan to start in late August, but I may back it up to late July depending on how things go this summer.
Back to my buying problems. I have bought a few things- bead sequencing set, tactile letters, pattern block set, letter lacing cards- and have begun to introduce them to big rugrat. I want to buy a set of alphabet books. I am torn between two sets. One is this set which we have used a few times just for letter introduction and fun reading time. Big rugrat really likes this series. However, after doing some reading I have also found this set which I feel is a better phonics teaching tool. I can also purchase the entire set for a nominal price, unlike with the first set where I would depend on my library to have the books when I need them. What I am leaning towards is buying the second cheaper set, and supplementing with the library set as we go along.
I am going to do a little more research (and possibly a trip to the library tomorrow morning) before I make my final decision.

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