Thursday, June 11, 2009

Clothe Diapering

I feel the need to write about clothe diapering today. It stems from the fact that I have never read an article that is pro clothe diapering in any of the magazines I read. Maybe that says something about the magazines I choose, but still. EAch time there is an article about diapering clothe is listed as an option, but it seems like disposables get more space and now the new G diaper. Don't get me wrong, I have nothing against the G diaper but I feel like clothe diapering has gotten a bad rap.
We have used clothe diapers since big rugrat was about 1 month old. We didn't start right away becuase someone had given me a box of newborn diapers, we got used to them at the hospital and our diapers were just too big and didn't fold over to leave the belly button uncovered. Those are all reasons. I wish we had started right away, but we followed the same routine with little rugrat as well for the first two weeks.
We clothe diaper about 97% of the time. We don't clothe diaper over night becuase I have heavy wetters and heavy sleepers. My diapers don't work for overnight, although little rugrat is not as heavy a wetter as he used to be so I am thinking of trying to overnight him soon. We also don't use clothe diapers when we travel. I don't want to worry about finding a laundromat wherever we are or carrying home a smelly bag of diapers.
However, when it comes to day to day life we clothe diaper. If we are out at playgroups or on errands we clothe diaper. We use Kushies which is the brand I started with and have come to love for their effectiveness as well as their cost. We have 25 and I wash them about 2 times a week unless someone is sick, then we tend to go through more.
It is not disgusting to wash the diapers.
My water bill did not increase much at all from pre to post diapers.
I do not have to sanitize the diapers.
And I line dry whenever possible to save on electricity.

Clothe diapering is not as bad as some make it seem. It is not complicated at all. It takes as much planning as disposables do when it comes to making sure you don't run out.

Clothe diapering has a bad reputation and I don't know why. I have never had trouble. I have many people give me funny looks when they find out I do (my mom and close friends included). Most people who are close to me now understand that it is pretty simple. But I still get questions from time to time.
Disposables are fine. But when you constantly hear about landfills and needing to recycle, disposables just don't fit into the grand scheme of things.

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