Monday, June 8, 2009

Fun Morning

So far today has been a productive day. I started off getting up at 4:45 (that is am) to go to the gym. I had a load of laundry in by 7 and the kids fed by 8. We then went to the grocery store to buy some chicken thighs and drumsticks (on sale for .99) and then came home so little rugrat could nap.
Then I decided it was time to do something fun for big and little rugrat. So we started out at the library returning books and dvds and taking out some new ones. We read a few books and played while we were there but the kids got a little wild. So since it is supposed to be a crdugy week we took advantage of today being nice and headed over to the park. Little rugrat had a blast in the swings, spending about 40 minutes on them. Big rugrat climber and climber everything she could find.
Now they are sleeping peacefully. That is the best part of park days.
I get to spend the next hour catching up on housework and getting the house picture ready so that we can take pictures to be posted when our house is listed for sale later this week. Two kids, a dog and Jon in this house makes it a little bit difficult to keep it show ready.
Then we will probably spend time outside until Jon gets home and I get to take a few hours off and go clothes shopping. I need a few new things for summer since everything I wore last summer is took big.
Dinner tonight is chicken thighs on the grill (2 lbs at .99 a pound= $2) and salad left over from last night (free). Include condiments and it comes out to about a $2.50 meal. Not bad!

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