Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Rainy Tuesday

Today is as predicted a rainy and cold day. And the kids woke up at 6:30, bright an early. AFter breakfast I pulled out the old standby of playdoh and big rugrat had a blast. She loves to make blocks and use her "cutters" (what most people call scissors or knives) to make things. Little rugrat was given and tiny piece of playdoh since he has a tendency to attempt to eat it. Luckily today he was happy putting into an emtpy container, trying to put the lid on, taking the lid off and emptying the playdoh from the container. He repeated this for about 15 minutes. I got to fold laundry in peace. Ahhh......
Then we were off to our weekly playgroup. I got to talk to adults and the kids got to play with others. I am happy that this was planned for today since it is wet and we cannot go to the park.
Now they are sleeping and peace reigns.

Tonight's dinner is baked ziti and corn (total cost=$$6 for four servings and leftovers).

Tomorrow is supposed to be rainy again. I am planning some art activities. Maybe we will get a head start on father's day gifts for Jon and the grandpas.

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