Friday, June 5, 2009

Generic vs. Name Brand

This week I happened to have two types of graham crackers in the house. My kids have been addicted to them for awhile so we have been buying a box a week. Yes, two kids go through almost a box of graham crackers a week. I swear I feed them other food as well!
Anyway, we had Stop and Shop store brand and Nabisco Honey Maid this week. I really feel like there is no difference. Maybe a small difference in texture, but that could have been becuase one bag had been opened for about two days and the other was just opened. Other than that I find them to be the same in everything except price. My kids don't seem to notice either.
That is where area where I will continue to buy the cheaper store brand.

And for anyone who reads this and is in the Western MA area please notice that Big Y is doubling dollar off coupons this week PLUS they have their awesome buy one get two free sale. I haven't done any coupons matches myself, but I am sure you could get a good deal on a few items.

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