Sunday, June 21, 2009

Menu Plan Monday (a day early)

We did a good job sticking to our meal plan last week. Thursday got changed becuase we had a house showing during dinner time and could not be here. Since Jon has had a craving for KFC we stopped and got a bucket to bring to my parents where we camped out for a little while. Other than that night we did really well sticking to our menu. It even payed off with the grocery store- I was $20 under budget!!!

Here is this week's plan:

Monday- homemade pizza (this may get switched if I take big rugrat to swimming since we eat as soon as we get home from class and Jon is not great at homemade dough) $5 for 4 servings plus leftovers

Tuesday- kielbasa on the grill, rice and corn

Wednesday- Sausage grinders and baby carrots- $3 for three grinders

Thursday- Shrimp and pasta with veggies- $6 for 4 servings

Friday- Chicken quesadillas- $5.50 for four large quesadillas

Saturday- Jon's birthday party. He turned 30 last week and we are having a party here. Hot dogs, hamburgers, salads (made by me) and chips plus an ice cream cake (that is what he wanted and will NOT be homemade) for all

Sunday- Pizza Shoppe night out

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