Thursday, June 25, 2009

Summer Fun

Today we spent part of the morning doing one of my favorite summer activities- picking strawberries. I LOVE strawberries and both my children have inherited that from me. We went over the a local pick your own farm and spent about 45 minutes eating and picking strawberries. At $1.49 a pound they were way cheaper then the grocery stores plus they are fresh.

When we got home I washed them and put them into the refrigerator. I am hoping to make jam either tomorrow afternoon or Sunday. I have never tried before but I have been told while it is time consuming it is not complicated. I think big rugrat will enjoy helping me in any way that she can.

The rugrats had a blast picking and eating strawberries the whole time. Everyone loved little rugrat because he was walking around alwyas with at least two strawberries in his hands and COVERED in red juice. This is not an activity to do in your good clothes. When we came home the kids were such a mess I through them in the bath before lunch.

We may go back after our Maine vacation next week and pick again before the season ends.

We had breakfast for lunch with french toast, hardboiled eggs, sausage and of course strawberries.