Friday, July 10, 2009

Extreme Makeover- Me Edition

I just found ANOTHER great blog! Amber has set up Extreme Makeover: Me Edition. This is my first week joining in Extreme Makeover: Me Edition. This week's question is Share with us some of your vacation survival strategies.

My biggest problem is eating right. I don't take the time during the day to make healthy meals for myself normally. When we are on vacation I am even worse about eating healthy. Last weekend when we were in Maine eating meals wasn't the problem. The snacks that were so easy to grab were!
Then there is exercising. At home I will get up early and go to the gym. I aim for at least three times a week, sometimes I make it and sometimes I don't. When we are on vacation I take it as a free pass to sleep in. If I don't get out early in the morning I don't get in exercise. I sometimes can get myself to take the kids out in their stroller, but we didn't bring the double stroller with us so that was not an option this past weekend.
I can honestly say I did very little to help keep myself on track during our vacation. THe only good news is that I managed not to GAIN any weight and my in laws noticed that I have lost a couple of pounds as well (always a great compliment!)
We are going away again in the next month, once to Baltimore and once again to Maine. I will hopefully be able to do more of the following:
drink more water
walk whenever I can, to sight see or just to walk for exercise
use the hotel gym (when there is one)
swim (pool in baltimore, lake in maine)
eat smaller portions
when snacking put food in a bowl so I can see what I am eating- eating straight from the bag is decieving sometimes
try to keep it down to one treat a day

One thing that helps as well is how supportive Jon is. He is always telling me how beautiful I am and that I don't need to lose any weight, but if I want to go to the gym for me he will try to help me find the time. I always know that he has always been attracted to me, since my college days when we first got together through pregnancies and now in my post-baby body. He is very vocal about it! I wish I see what he sees more, maybe I wouldn't want to lose weight so badly, but there are so many days where I just don't see what he sees when I look in the mirror.

I really do need to get back on track. We are talking about trying for baby number 3 (somedays I feel more ready than others) and I still have not lost it all from baby number 1 or 2. Plus while pregnant I develop gestational diabetes (2 out of 2 times so far) and by being healthier BEFORE getting pregnant I will set myself up for a better, healthier, easier pregnancy.

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