Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Homemade bread part 2

The homemade bread project is going well. This is the second week that I have gone grocery shoppping and not bought any bread. Today I made two batches of dough, one white soft crust bread (I changed the recipe and used 1 cup of whole wheat flour instead of just 7 cups of white) and one for pita bread. Tonight I am going to make my pita bread if we don't go out. If we do go out I will make the pita bread tomorrow.
I thought it would be a lot cheaper to make it at home than to buy it in the store. It really isn't thought. Of course part of the reason is that Jon loves the homemade stuff and ate a loaf in two days. A loaf of homemade soft crust white bread costs about $2.50 to make. The other type, the boule bread that I will use for the pita bread, costs about $2 and is definatly cheaper than store brand. The soft crust uses butter and the recipes makes fewer loaves becuase the actual loaf is bigger.

However, I like that I can make white and wheat bread for the same price. Plus I am not using an preservatives. We compared the list of ingredients- mine uses 4-6 ingredients. Jon lost count of the store brand after 10. Scary!

I am slowly trying to be more conscious of the preservatives and chemicals in things. I switched over to organic mac and cheese. The stuff isn't that great for you to begin with but my kids LOVE it (and so do I!). So I figure at least this way I cut out about half of the wierd ingredients that they put in to the other brands. I have switched to organic eggs and only drink milk that does not have rbgh in it. Fruits and vegetables are on the list. I am trying to do this slowly so that I don't have an overload of changes in the house. Plus the sad thing is that price does effect what I buy. It has to. And organic is WAY more expensive. So I do it slowly. My next project is to start making homemade pasta sauce. I can use organic canned tomatos and make it much more cheaply than buying organic premade sauce. Lckily the two stores I shop in most often have come out with a store brand organic which is cheaper than other name brands. Now if they would just come out with coupons for organic stuff.

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