Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Tiny Treasure Tuesday

Owen is my little man. He thinks he can do anything that his big sister can do! After the scare he gave us last week he is just as curious as ever. He is a little monkey. Today I found him climbing the stools at my kitchen counter. He was almost on top of one. Mean mommy made him stop and was rewarded with a full out baby tantrum!
At fifteen months he is 23 pounds and 8 ounces. On the charts he is normal. Compared to his sister he is a monster! My little man loves his food. He is not a picky eater and will try anything I put on his plate. He is happiest with crackers, but as long as they are out of sight he will eat normal food.
I am amazed at how much he understands. He knows where the drinks and snacks are kept and leads us by the hand to them when he wants them. He is also able to go and get items if we ask him to- books, his monkey doll, his sisters favorite bunny to name a few.
The best thing is watching him follow Madeline around EVERYWHERE. He wants to be with her all the time. Anything she touches or looks at he then needs to touch and look at. He wants to be just like his big sister. She loves it at times, but at other times he drives her nuts! Well, what are baby brothers for?

Madeline is my little independant soul one moment, and clinging to mama or daddy the next. She now needs privacy when she uses the bathroom and wants to do it all by herself. I am happy with this but not quite convinced that she is doing everything properly.
Lately she wants to be read to all the time. We are at the library every week getting new books. I love that she wants me to read to her. I love reading as does Jon. Dyslexia runs in his family so a love of books will be helpful to her if this is something she struggles with later in life. Jon has said many times it was finding a series of books that he loved that motivated him to be a better reader and work at his learning disability.
Madeline is doing some regressing in her behavior lately. She has moments where she wants to be a baby again, held and treated like a baby, even have me feed her like a baby. I understand this is a stage and probably stems from the attention that Owen sometimes gets becuase of his age and needs. We are also thinking about a third baby and I swear she knows this!
She loves to help Owen and treat him like her baby at times. She gets things for him when he cries, tries to feed him, and will even try to pick him up when he falls or catch him at the bottom of a slide (she only outweighs him by 5 pounds so this can be amusing to watch!).
She is cuddly little girl who loves her mama, daddy, baby brother and her stuffed rabbit named bunny!
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Anonymous said...

Hi Mindy! Thanks for visiting my blog. Your kids are very cute. :)

Dian said...

Cute kids!