Monday, December 13, 2010

Menu Plan Monday

I have been working to cut back my grocery budget (or at least keep it stable) while making an effort to focus on buying healthy foods and trying to add organic purchases into my list. I have switched to organic milk for the kids and am working to buy 90% organic produce. I am not always succseeful, but I am getting better. I have accepted that the produce section of my budget is larger than it used to be, partially becuase my kids are eating more fruit and partially because I am buying mostly organic produce. I am trying to work towards buying only frozen organic vegetables. Canned are less expensive but Jon does not like canned vegetables so I buy frozen.
Anyway, long story short- to make my grocery bill srhink I have started meal planning two weeks out. I have planned a weeks worth of meals for almost three years now before doing my grocery shopping. I always use the sales at the store to add to my stockpile. But in an effort to make shoppping easier I started planning two weeks worth of meals to take better advantage of specific sales. In the past two weeks I have cut my grocery bill by $10 a week!

Dinners for this week:

Monday- pasta or leftovers for the kids and Jon, leftovers for me at work (my lats night for a month!!!)

Tuesday- Meatball subs, leftover from last week

Wednesday- baked macaroni and cheese with chicken

Thursday- grilled cheese. It is Madeline's Christmas show so we are eating quick and early.

Friday- mini meatloaves

Saturday- Quesadillas or empenadas. What we have depends on how much time I have to make dough or not

Sunday- brinner

For more meal ideas visit I'm An Organizing Junkie

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