Wednesday, December 22, 2010

My Early Christmas Present

Jon and I will exchange gifts on Christmas like usual, but I feel like I got my Christmas present early this year.

Want to see?

We got new carpets for our house!!! (did you think anything else?)

This is Madeline and Owen's room.

This is our living room (that is our pellet stove in the corner, it heats the whole house)

When we bought our house almost 7 years ago (and how am I old enough to have owned a house for 7 years?) we picked one that needed a lot of work. Before we got married and moved in we gutted the kitchen. We also repainted pretty much every room in the house.

Next up was the bathroom the following winter. It got a new floor, new sink and new toilet. Then last spring Jon was able to retile the shower walls. We will never redo the bathroom in this house again. We have one bathroom and have been bathroomless twice now due to remodel. It is NOT fun!

So finally we were at a point where we could save for new rugs. When we got last years tax returns we decided that if Jon got the summer school job we could use the tax returns for our rugs. I don't work during the summer and we cannot make ends meet on Jon's teacher paychecks alone so he works at summer school. If he didn't get the summer school job we would use our tax returns to fill in the gaps. But he taught summer school and we were able to save the money and buy new carpets!!

They are so pretty! And so soft! We had our bedroom, M and O's bedroom and the living room done. We had already recarpeted Ben's room when Madeline was born because it was her room at the time andmy parents bought the carpet for us. So we opted to not redo that room and instead we picked a carpet that was very similar.

The wierd part is that this is the first renovation we have done that Jon did not do himself. One reason we have been able to redo the house as much as we have is that Jon can lay floors, demolish the old stuff, paint, drywall and such. He even put down the carpet that is in Ben's room and in our playroom (previously our garage). Recarpeting on a large scale is not something he could do, but he did rip up the old carpet and move the furniture around.

We thought we might move in the next year but it looks more like we will be here for another 4-5 years. So I am happy to have new carpets! The only other big project we have left for this house is new windows. That may be something we do next year, it all depends on if we buy a new vehicle or not this spring (and if we do how much the car payments are). It is all a balancing act but in the end it works out.

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