Wednesday, December 8, 2010


I work part time. Not working is not an option with our budget. Jon is a teacher and their salary is not enough for a family of five to survive on unless we go on government assistance. That is not an acceptable option for us. So I work 10 hours a week tutoring.

The tutoring itself was great. I started this job as a reading tutor working with college students. With the new director we have broadened my job to include writing as well. I do not like to correct writing papers. It just is not my favorite thing to do. But I would be okay with it if it wasn't the only thing I was doign at work and if I were actually doing what I was hired to do and that is to help students with reading. But I'm not becuase my appointments keep going to students who need help with writing.

I don't love working on writing but I am getting more comfortable with it. And I don't hate it as much as I did in the beginning. And I am getting better at it. So there is an upside to this change in my job. But I spend at least 9 or my 10 work hours on writing. And that isn't what I took the job for. Added to that I drive 40 minutes each way to work which adds time away from my family.

However I need to bring in some income (as small as it is) or Jon would need to get a part time jon in addition to his full time job which is just not an option for us. So I am trying to think of things I can do besides tutor at a college. I have waitressed and could go back to that. It is a flexible schedule and I could work only at night which means I don't need to leave until Jon gets home. I have applied for several college level teaching positions and am hopeful that I will find a job as an adjunct faculty member at a local community college. I have thought about tutoring elementary and middle school students but the hours are not conducive to my goal of not having my kid in daycare. Jon can't get home early enough for me to clock enough hours tutoring to earn the income I need.

What I really want is to find something I can do from home to earn an income. And I am drawing a blank. I am not creative or crafty. I can come up with ideas for activities with kids but they are nothing compared to what I see on other blogs and websites. I would love to do soemthing with etsy but I cannot sew or knit or crochet or paint. So that clearly is not an option!

In the end I have a job doing something related to my degree. For the most part it is a good job. I enjoy working with college students which is a surprise and nothing I ever imagined myself doing. I like my coworkers. My job is flexible- I make my hours each semseter around my life and as long as my hours are during the open hours of the center everyone is happy. Yet I am still looking for a way to change my job. I am not being constructive with this post, but sometimes just writing it all down can help me. And rereading all the positives of my job definatly makes me realize I should be a lot more grateful than I am at the moment.

Luckily colleges are on winter break starting next week which leaves me with the next month off. Hopefully that will give me a break that I need and I can return to work at the en of January with a much more positive attitude.

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