Monday, January 17, 2011

More Snow?

I live in New England. Snow happens.
The past few winters we have not had as much snow as in the past. So I have kinds gotten used to not having so many snowed in days. But not this year.
We have about 2 feet of snow outside right now. Our snowpile from our driveway is taller than Jon, who is 6 foot. I would post pictures but the snowpile outside apparentely swallowed my camera. I was hoping for a thaw so it could reappear, but with more snow coming I don't think I will see my camera for a LONG time. Hopefully it reappears in the spring. (no we are not waiting that long for it, I sadly will be buying a new camera before the week is up.)
And they are predicting more snow tomorrow. Jon who is a teacher does NOT want a snow day after having two last week. He wants to get some teaching done. I want Madeline to go to school since it has been almost a week since she went last. The longer she goes without a school day, the more difficult drop off becomes. If she stays home we will do more learning activities like we did this morning to help with her routine and just accept that dropoff on Thursday will not be fun!
But even with all those complications I love the snow. The kids spent hours playing outside Wednesday, Thursday and Friday last week enjoying the snow. Saturday we all went sledding. By we all, I mean Jon, Madeline and Owen went sledding. I stood at the top of the hill with Ben strapped to my back. But I had tons of fun watching. And laughing at Jon carrying Owen up the hill, over and over and over again. Snow provides free entertainment for my kids and free exercise for Jon (when he cleans off my car!).
However they are predicting ice on top of the snow. This I do not like. Ice often leads to power outages. I do not like those. Ice makes cleaning my car off much more of a production, I do not like that either.

Oh well. What can you do? Besides move to a warmer climate? Not much. I will cross my fingers that we keep our power on and be thankful for my 4 wheel drive in case Madeline does have school. And if school is cancelled we will be making some valentines day projects and baking up a storm!

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