Wednesday, January 19, 2011

They say bad things come in three

I really hope they are right about that saying. We have had expensive things go wrong this weekend. Luckily Jon was able to fix one.

1. The first thing that went wrong was the camera got lost. And it appears that the snow ate it. And there is a lot of snow. Jon looked everywhere he could. but with a 6 foot tall snowpile in the yard it makes finding lost items (even red ones) a bit difficult. I figure it will show up before spring but we will buy another camera soon. I can't go months without taking pictures of my kids.

2. The bathroom lights won't work. Well, one set doesn't work. One set does. They feed from different lines from the electrical box. They have not worked in a month and Jon thought he could fix it. He tried this weekend (while he was tired and not feeling well) and could not. He got frustrated (due to being tired and not feeling well) and wants another week before I call the electrician. He had three snow days in the last week but due to kids being sick and Jon procastinating (but he let me sleep in so I can not complain too much) the work is not done yet. I don't want to keep waiting, but I really do not want to pay an electrician if we don't need to. Oh yeah, the heater in the baby's room won't work either. Luckily we use the pellet stove but it would be nice to have it work when we want it to. So Jon has a busy weekend.

3. My kids tried to break our pellet stove. Well, they didn't try to break it, but they almost succeeded. Madeline decided to throw one of Ben's teething toys (which happens to be a C shape) across the room. It landed in the open hopper of the pellet stove. No one knew until Jon checked it when the fire died about a half hour later. Turns out the C shape is perfect for getting caught in the auger (which feeds the pellets into the fire) and jamming the whole thing. Jon spend about 20 minutes trying to fix it. Thankfully he did since that is our heat source for the house. And replacing it would be expensive. The hopper will be closed from now on at all times.

So remember the post I wrote about vacations a few days ago? Well reason 1 and 2 are why we might not be taking the spring vacation. An electrician will probably cost what we would have spent on our hotel in Baltimore. But given the choice I would rather have working lights and a camera than a vacation.

So, any suggestions on a good camera? An inexpensive, good, digital camera?

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Keli said...

I've always had a sony cybershot. I just got my first big girl camera, and it's a canon.I would sggest canon or sony. :)

We only have 1 working light in our bathroom too. :( It's realy annoying, but I'm not payig an electrician. I'll deal with it! We want to go to Disney World!! LOL