Friday, April 8, 2011

Letters of Intent


Dear Middle School Parents,

Please use your blinker. I know many cars stop on the road to drop off their children. But not every car does. And it is very hard to tell from your bumper whether you have a middle school child in the car. I am trying to drive past you to get my daughter to preschool. If you use your blinker I know I can go around you and not sit here behind you while you drop your child off. And also, please pull ALL the way over to the side. That way those of us not stopping can go around you.

-another parent

* * * * * *

Dear Mother Nature,

Thank you for finally brining spring to us. That snow on April Fools day was not a very funny trick. But this 50 and 60 degree weather and sun shining is something I can get used to. My kids love to play outside (and leave mudpies for our neighboring groundhog). And my bank account also thanks you since my electric bill goes very low at this time of year.


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Foursons said...

This is the time of year when our electric bill starts to go up because the heat kicks in. We've been in the 90's the past couple of days.

Good luck w/those drivers. I read a LOT of letters to other drivers and they don't seem to get through to the right people.

Thanks for linking up!