Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Grocery shopping

I did much better this week with stayin on budget! I shopped at two stores and only took one child this time. Shopping took a lot less time this week! The downfall was that my Sunday paper never came today, so I may have missed out on a few coupons. I still managed to save a lot and I am happy with the total for the week.

Store 1:
organic bananas
organic pears
organic apples
dried pianeapple snack bag
two packs of oscar mayer hot dogs (buy one get one free)
1 lb of sliced american cheese
creamy peanut butter
4 twelve packs of pepsi (on sale 4 for $11)
2 dozen eggs
three celeste frozen pizzas
4 Lean cuisine frozen meals
Total before coupons and savings:$77.65
Total after store sales and coupons: $50.97

Store 2:
32 ounces shredded chedder cheese
organic grape tomatoes
organic baby carrots
1/2 gallon of orange juice
1 gallon of 1% milk
4 boxes of cereal (on sale 4 for $6)
sour cream
Total before savings:$47.31
Total after coupons and store savings: $25.73

Total for the week: $76.70
Under budget by $8.30

The difference makes up for going over budget last week. I may be on track to stay within my grocery budget this month.

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