Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Grocery Shopping

I did well with my budget this week. I actually came in under my $85 limit! It was a really good coupon week. One of the stores I shop at was doubling $1 off coupons. They did this for 3 coupons. I love when my grocery stores do this and I am able to combine coupons with store sales and get some great deals.
In this week's carts:

Store 1:
1/2 gallon of OJ
1% milk
yobaby yogurt
10 stonyfield yogurts
2 helluva good cheese blocks
2 packages of klondikes (on sale for $1.68 each!)
1 box of pasta
1 jar of pasta sauce
olive oil
2 packs of jr dippers snacks
goldfish graham crackers
1 packages of oscar mayer hot dogs (on sale buy 1 get 1, combined with a $1 coupon which was doubled)
5 ears of corn on the cob

Total before savings and coupons: $63.90
Total after savings and coupons: $33.85

Store 2:
organic pears
organic apples
organic bananas
1 tomato
1 pepper
4-12 packs of pepsi
hamburger rolls
3 half gallons of stonyfield organic milk (I had $1 off coupons from the store for each one)
edy's strawberry fruit bars (on sale for $3 combined with a $1.50 off coupon)
1/2 lb sliced turkey from the deli
1/4 beef bologna from the deli

Total before savings: $56.12
Total after coupons and savings: $35.86

Total spent between the two stores:$69.71
Under budget by $15.29!!!

This week was a great success at the store!

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