Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Saving Money

I am always looking for EASY ways to save money. I love to get a deal that is useful. And I love when I can cut bills down in easy ways. I don't want to spend hours just to save a few dollars, but I will spend some time on the phone talking to companies to save money.

Last week I had the option to earn money easily and I also had the chance to save money on a bill. We have been chosen to be a Nielsen family. This means I need to write down everything we watch on television for the next week, which is tedious. But as a thank you they sent me $30. Not a gift card or a coupon but $30 in cash. I am willing to spend a few minutes each day writing down what we watch for $30.

Then last week I looked at my electric bill. I hate my electric bill and I am always fighting with it. I want the bill to be as low as possible and I struggle with it. I turn lights off all of the time. I wait until I am wearing two sweaters, fleece socks and slippers before I turn on the heat. I line dry my diapers and towels when I can. I wash clothes in cold water. I don't use the a/c unless I can't sit still without sweating in the summer. I try hard to do what I can, but the bill doesn't go as low as I would like. Then last week I noticed the rates my local electric company was offering are lower than what I am paying. I switched companies a couple of years ago to get a lower rate (in my area I can choose who provides the electricity, I just pay the local company to transfer it to me). It cut my bill at the time. But I looked and the rates have lowered with the local company. I called my local company and was told I could switch to them at any time, but they don't know what the rates will be after June 30. They also pointed out I may pay a fee for leaving the other company.

I ahte paying fees so I called my company and asked. They said I was not under contract and could leave at any time. I said I was considering switching to get a lower rate. Turns out I can get the lower rate with the company I am currently paying PLUS they will keep that rate until December. I asked why I hadn't heard about the lower rate and was told they don't notify their customers when rates drop but I can call every few months and ask. A few minutes on the phone is going to save me about $15 a month on average. I am VERY happy! I learned it is worth calling companies to see if there is a lower rate to pay. I will keep this in mind in the future.

I am looking into swagbucks as another way to save money and earn free things. I have read about it a few places but I have not jumped in yet. Do any of you use swagbucks? Is it worth my time? I have also thought about surveys, but them often ask for more information that I am comfortable providing. I don't think swagbucks does this, but I am not sure.

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Chrystal's Corner said...

I use Swagbucks and recommend it. You get bucks just for searching on the internet. They also offer grocery coupons that gave you bucks when you use them. There are surveys as an option to earn more bucks. Most people cash in their Swagbucks for Amazon gift is the best "prize" for your bucks and you can buy just about anything there. I have been using those with the Amazon grocery deals to score some cheap/free groceries:)