Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Fun Free Fridays

I love to expose my kids to new places and new activities. But when we are working with a one income budget we can't visit as many places as I would like to. That is a choice we make (not a sacrifice, a choice) which means I try harder to find deals and coupons when I can. And I love anything that is free and fun. Today I learned about Fun Free Fridays this summer in Massachusetts. Apparently this is a normal thing and I do NOT know how I missed it for the past five years, but I found it this year!

I was at the library today (I have mentioned how much I LOVE libraries) and I saw a flyer that was titled Admission is Free. Of course I had to pick it up. At first I figured it was for smaller attractions in the area, but when it says free it is worth at least a few seconds glance. I am glad I picked up the flyer because I was wrong about it. On this paper there is a list of many, many attractions in Massachussets that are free on Fridays during the summer. There are three or four places listed for each Friday and everyone gets in free. If you live near Massachusetts, or will be visiting here at some point this summer, check out the website. There may be something fun to do when you are here.

My favorites (that we hope to try) are the Boston Children's Museum(tons of fun but not cheap), the Basketball Hall of Fame (I live about five miles from it but haven't been since they opened the new one) and Old Sturbridge Village (I love this place but it isn't wallet friendly). These are jsut a few of the places that are on the list, there are many more to choose from. And there are links so you can learn about the different places. While I expect them to be a tad more crowded that normal on these free days, I think it will be worth it.

Go visit Highland Street Foundation's website to learn more about this.

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