Wednesday, October 19, 2011

I am not perfect

Anyone surprised? I didn't think so.
The nice thing about this blog is that I can control what you know about me. And that is nice, because I have many many less than perfect moments. More than I would like to admit. But after reading Colleen's and Aimee's confessions about some of their real mom moments I decided to admit my less than stellar moments.

1. When Ben is fussy and I can't figure out what he wants I am frustrated with him. I can often be heard at these times telling him to just learn to speak already. Yup, that is me getting mad at a 16 month old for not being able to clearly tell me his wants and needs.

2. I don't cook breakfast. Ever. My kids eat cereal, yogurt, or toast every day. I am okay with that.

3. You know those vitamins they doctor says you kids need to take each day? A 3 month supply usually lasts us closer to 8 or 9 months. But my kids are fairly healthy so I guess I am doing okay?

4. Madeline has told me several times that her stomach hurts in the morning. My response?"Eat breakfast and you will be fine. You are going to school." How is that for a sympathetic mom?

5. Poor Ben is getting the most relaxed mom of my three kids. This can be a good thing but isn't always. Like yesterday when the boys were in the playroom and I was in the kitchen. Ben started crying. I simply yelled "Owen stop making Ben cry or you are out of the playroom." But did I stop to see what the actual problem was? Nope. In my defense Ben did stop crying as soon as I yelled at Owen.

6. At dinner time one of my standby lines is "Mommy is not a short order cook. You get what you get and you either eat it or you don't." There have been occasions where my kids went to bed without eating. I promise it doesn't happen often.

7. When my kids won't help me clean up after a meal and they ask to play my response usually is, "Mommy has to clean. Since no one wants to help me it will take me longer to do and I can't play with you until it is done. " Yup, mom of the year moment right there- telling my kid that cleaning is more important than playing with them.

8. My kids eat chicken nuggets or macaroni and cheese at least one night a week for dinner, sometimes twice.

9. Ben was playing around today, swatting at the book I was holding. He hit it hard and it hit my nose. Somehow they always manage to hit my nose and it hurts! I got mad and yelled "No!" at him. He started crying. I am supposed to be the adult and I yelled at my 16 month old for accidentally hitting me.

Anyone else want to confess?

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