Monday, October 24, 2011

Menu Plan Monday

Last week I learned a lesson: always double check to make sure your crockpot is turned on when you want to cook with it. A chicken doesn't cook well without heat! I was doing really well, dinner was ready in the crockpot on time and I was eating my lunch while the boys napped. I caught on to the fact that the crockpot was cool about an hour after I put dinner in it. Luckily I was home or I would have had a nasty surprise at dinner time! I turned the crockpot on and cooked the chicken in there until 4:30 (about 2 hours) and had to finish cooking the chicken in the oven. Sometimes you need to be flexible! The crisis was averted but dinner time was a little more hectic than I wanted it to be.

This is a(nother) busy week. On top of the usual daily rush I am hosting a small kids Halloween party here on Friday morning, we are going to a Halloween pumpkin carving and painting party on Saturday and we are celebrating my niece's first birthday on Sunday. I took all of that into consideration when planning dinners for the week.

I want to try making my own donuts this week. Does anyone have a good and easy recipe that I could try?

This week's menu:

Monday- leftovers for all

Tuesday- chicken nuggets for the kids, homemade Olive Garden Tuscana Soup for Jon and I

Wednesday- chicken, cheese and vegetable quesadillas

Thursday- Slow cooker enchiladas and corn

Friday- Baked ziti, squash and green beans. I am also making apple muffins (possibly donuts too!) to have at the party in the morning.

Saturday- Halloween party, I am bringing cupcakes.

Sunday- Homemade calzone

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Penny said...

I have had those moments, where I thought I was cooking something but wasn't!

I make doughnut holes for my kids and they love them. It is really easy and I cheat a little bit...I take a can of biscuits, cut each biscuit into fourths & roll each into balls. Then drop the balls into heated oil to cook. The cooking time is not long at all, usually about a minute. After they are cooked I throw them in a container filled with powdered sugar & shake.

Not the healthiest, but they sure are good!