Friday, October 28, 2011

Letters of Intent

Dear Mother Nature,
Just a reminder that it is technically call right now. I know in the beginning of the month I was complaining about the hot weather. But snow is not called for either right now. The weather we had earlier this week was great, could we see some more of the fall weather?
-a fall lover

* * * * * *

To the parent at my daughter's school,

You know who you are. You were in front of me at drop off earlier this week. I am no expert on trucks, especially pick-up trucks. But I am pretty sure (and by this I mean almost positive) that there are not enough seatbelts for the 6 children that piled out of your car. I was amazed, it was like some kind of clown car. I have three carseats in my car and the kids just barely fit. So I imagine you have no booster seats or carseats in your truck. You do know there are seatbelt laws in our grand state right?

I guess I should be relieved they weren't sitting in the bed of the truck huh? Sorry to judge but I don't get parents who don't think of their child's safety.

-an amazed mom

* * * * * *

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Foursons said...

We are finally getting some fall weather here and I LOVE it!

6 kids piled out of a truck? Who allowed her into the carpool? I would NOT be having that for my kids.

Thanks for linking up!

Rachel said...

Oh no! That is scary about the kids/carseats! And incredibly - in a lot of states - it would have been LEGAL for them to be in the bed of the truck without any kind of safety devices! CRAZY!