Friday, March 8, 2013

7 Quick Takes volume 8

7 quick takes sm1 7 Quick Takes Friday (vol. 204)
1.  I need more sleep.  Both Ben and Wyatt have been waking up at night frequently this week.  Wyatt seems hungry, but we have no clue why Ben is up.  Jon has been dealing with Ben so he isn't getting enough sleep either.  And top top it off all four kids have been up before 6:30 pretty much every day this week. 
2.  Our house is officially on the market!
3.  And we already have 2 showings schedule for this Sunday.  Hopefully that is a good sign!
4.  It's March and it is snowing.  Earlier this week it was almost 50 degrees and now the white stuff is back.  Of course living in Massachusetts my whole life I am quite used to this.  The year I graduated college it snowed on graduation day.  I graduated in May.
5.  Madeline's birthday party is this weekend.  She is campaigning for an American Girl doll.  I hated to burst her bubble but that is not in the budget to be a gift from Jon and I.  She was disappointed to be told that but quickly rallied with a list of other items she would like.  We ordered her a gardening kit, princess nightgown, two princess books and a sticker set.  Hopefully she will be quite pleased with her gifts.  Tonight I start decorating the castle cake she requested.  If it comes out picture-worthy I will share.
6.  I've been feeling blue this week.  I am feeling anxious about keeping the house clean and several other things going on in life.  I need to slow down, which is hard.  I also need to stop leaving things so close to the last minute.  In order to do both I need to start saying "no" more often.
7.  I ordered the kids Easter clothes the other night.  At least that is one thing that won't be left to the last minute.  Thankfully  The Children's Place carries age appropriate clothes are reasonable prices (I am not being compensated to advertise for them, I am just VERY happy about finding clothes for my kids there!).  Have you tried shopping for dresses for anyone out of the toddler stage lately?  It isn't easy!
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