Friday, June 13, 2014

7 Quick Takes Volume 12

June is almost half over.  I shouldn't be surprised since this is one of the busiest months of year.  Between Jon wrapping up the school year and all the extra activities that go with that we also have the kids wrapping up their school year and other activities.  This year we also had the car accident which has definitely added activity to the month!  And there is Father's day and 2 birthdays this month and it's easy to see how it goes by so fast.  

This week:

1. We got our rental finally.  It only took a week of waiting for paperwork to process.  My current ride is a red 2014 dodge caravan.  As nice as it is to drive a brand new vehicle I am still hoping that we will get the Sienna back soon.

2.  We are waiting on more paperwork on our minivan, or as Ben calls it the broken minivan.  There seems to be a holdup with insurance deciding what to do with it.  Crossing our fingers that they repair and not total the van.

3.  Jon's birthday is Monday.  And Father's Day is Sunday.  And I am drawing a blank on what to give him.  He is asking for NOTHING.  He is insistent that there is nothing he wants.  Besides a good bottle of scotch.  Since I know nothing about Scotch I am hitting the local liquor store tomorrow in hopes that they can guide me in the right direction. 

4. Ben's birthday is Monday (yes they share a birthday).  He is easy to buy for.  You walk into a toy store and he wants half of it.  He's not getting half of it obviously =)  We found a bicycle on Craigslist for him. Normally we would utilize hand me downs, but Ben is much smaller than Owen was at the same age and the bike Owen used then is much to big for Ben.  So we found a smaller bike for $15 on craigslist in almost new condition.  We added a small tee-ball set to that and his birthday present is done!

5.  I'm finally starting to get papers in order for our homeschooling journey.  We are getting the forms from the superintendents office so I can learn what I need to tell the town.  I printed off placement tests for Madeline and will give her those this weekend so I can order the reading and spelling curriculums.  I'd like to start in early August, at least 2 days a week.  And I want time to look over everything first.  I plan to order the math in July.

6.  We've gotten some pushback from family about the fact that we are homeschooling the kids.  There is concern that they will not have enough social outlets.  While it annoys me that this is a concern it also makes me happy that no one seems worried that I can teach the kids the academics.  I am exploring ideas for social outlets for the kids but I am never sure of how to respond to others who have the concern. 

7.  We are finally going to use our Six Flags season passes this weekend!  We've been trying over the past month to get there but things just kept coming up.  I asked Jon if he wanted to go for Fathers Day and got  a resounding yes so we are heading over.  The kids are very excited  and I am too.  We drive by the park frequently and they point it out every time asking when we can go.  Finally I can say in a few days!

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